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Tasmania invests in interactive truck technology to support emergency services

Tasmania has struck a partnership to use the MILE truck to support emergency incidents

The Tasmanian government says a state-of-the-art interactive truck is ready to be deployed to assist with the flow of critical information during bushfires in the state courtesy of a new Rockliff government partnership.

Tasmanian police, fire and emergency management minister Felix Ellis announced a partnership between the University of Tasmania and the state’s emergency services for the use of the Mobile Interactive Learning Environment (MILE) truck.

“We know the bushfire risk for parts of Tasmania including the West Coast is above normal and having equipment like this ready to deploy to even our remote areas is essential for community safety,” Ellis says.

“The MILE truck includes multiple large screen televisions and other equipment that enhances information flow for firefighters on the ground.

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“This is critical when fighting bushfires, as there is a lot of information that needs to be processed and reach firefighters and the community to ensure safety.”

The truck will be used as a staging area to assist with the management of bushfires and other emergencies.

This will occur primarily in the North West of the state but can also be used at significant incidents throughout Tasmania.

“This technology will be of great assistance to our emergency services during what are often very stressful and tiring events,” Ellis says.

“Having our emergency services and community organisations working together during natural disasters will put us in the best position to respond swiftly and effectively.”

The state government says it is pleased to partner with the University for the use of this important resource as part of the ongoing commitment to supporting the state’s emergency services and protecting the community.

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