Market boom amid the COVID gloom

MARKET ANALYSIS: 2021 was a year of massive contrasts for the Australian truck industry. Yet despite all the undeniable hassles and hardships, truck sales defied the dramas with near-record results recorded by those brands able to make the most of difficult conditions. Typically, Isuzu and Kenworth ruled their respective roosts but they weren’t the only players to kick goals in a rough game
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Breathin easier in the Bronx – Volvo VNR electric

A major beverage distributor has become the first fleet on the US East Coast to take delivery of an electric heavy-duty truck. In a powerful affirmation for the future of electric trucks, the delivery of a Volvo VNR Electric is being hailed as a vital first step in addressing poor air quality in an area with some of America’s highest rates of asthma in children
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Mettle on Metal – Volvo Australia

In normal times, the last year or two probably would have been something quite special for Volvo in Australia. A time of high achievement driven by strong sales and the optimism of smart new trucks. But ‘normal’ went into limbo as Covid led the charge to crash Volvo’s party. Still, there’s determination, there’s experience, and there are new models – all the things the Swedish maker is relying on to get back to its own ‘normal’.
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