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Super drives record-breaking Scania 2023 deliveries

Scania Australia is setting new records for its local truck deliveries this year, with more on the way courtesy of an innovative truck model

Scania Australia has set a new benchmark for deliveries in Australia with a record 1250 trucks reaching customers so far this year.

The new Super range of highly efficient Scania diesel engines, mated with new generation gearboxes and axles, are spearheading growth in orders and deliveries, thanks to a significant drop in fuel consumption and emissions and exceptional driving performance.

“In 2023 we have already surpassed our previous annual delivery record in Australia and by some margin,” Scania Australia managing director Manfred Streit says.

“Demand has remained constant and highly satisfactory throughout the year, with the new Super engine range winning over customers in large numbers. We welcomed several hundred customers to experience a hands-on test of the new Super range earlier in the year and substantial orders flowed from that event.

“Fortunately, we have been able to convert these into deliveries, thanks to more reliable flow of production from our global factories.”

Streit says it has been pleasing to see a high take-up of our full range of offers from finance and insurance to repair and maintenance contracts, all of which deliver peace of mind to operators.

With more fuel-efficient engines available too, Streit says Scania is contributing to lower running costs for operators, forming a vital factor during a period of high inflation.

“All transport and logistics businesses have been looking for ways to control their costs, so choosing a truck that can be at least eight per cent more fuel efficient makes good business sense, even before factoring in the reduction in emissions,” Streit says.

“Scania has also enjoyed record sales of workshop hours across our Australian network of company-owned branches in capital cities, as well as record sales of Genuine Replacement Parts. We currently employ more than 500 Australians, more than at any time in our more than 50 years of operating here.”

Scania Australia’s director of truck sales Benjamin Nye says the new Super engines have quickly impressed in service.

“Our customers are reporting excellent fuel figures and their drivers are also happy to be behind the wheel of a vehicle that drives so well. Our 13-litre six-cylinder engine range boasts exceptional torque for the capacity at all four available power levels, particularly the range-topping 560 hp version, which is ideal for B-double interstate running,” Nye says.

“Journey times are reducing courtesy of the surfeit of torque available at low revs, which drivers enjoy, and our engines are proving to be more than a match for higher capacity and more expensive, thirstier rivals.

“Our Super sales clearly indicate that the market is receptive to the offer of a truck that majors on the very latest in European technology and advanced driver assistance systems, but also Scania’s reliability, durability and fuel economy.”

In future, Nye says Scania can look forward to finishing the year on an even higher note and rolling on into 2024 with a fulsome order book and the prospect of further new variants joining the range through the year.

This will also include the arrival of our next generation 100 per cent electric prime movers, for which Nye says Scania is already fielding high levels of interest and enquiry.

“Operators keen to cut their CO2 emissions by around 83 per cent can do so immediately by switching to B100 biodiesel, which can provide a sustainable and reliable stepping stone to a zero tailpipe emissions future,” Nye says.

“Not only are our new engines ready to run on biofuel, but we have supply agreements in place with domestic biofuel manufacturers, adding a welcome degree of energy security for the transport and logistics industry.

“The message we have for transport operators in 2024 is: ‘Can you afford not to drive a Scania?’”

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