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Stay safe this Easter

OPINION: With roads getting busier around Easter, share these safety tips to keep all road users safe

The Easter holiday period is always an important time to focus on safety.

This year, we anticipate Australian roads will be particularly busy with people travelling to spend time with their loved ones who they may not have seen during the peak of the pandemic. 

And while many Australians will be on holidays, we know the trucking industry doesn’t stop. This is why it’s the right time to have an important conversation with your mates to ensure our roads remain safe for all the heavy vehicle drivers and other road users.

I’m urging anyone with a passion for heavy vehicle safety to remind their mates and other light vehicle drivers about the importance of road safety this Easter. We know more than 80 per cent of multi-vehicle crashes are caused by the light vehicle driver, so a simple conversation can go a long way.

For example, if you know a mate who is taking their caravan on the road this Easter, remind them of the importance of leaving space at rest stops for heavy vehicle drivers who will need a place to stop to manage their fatigue.

Or if you have a mate who’s a learner driver or on their Ps, point them to our Don’t #uck with a Truck campaign. If they’ve been driving for years, they still might not know that trucks have four blind spots. Send them to our We Need Space campaign and explain where a heavy vehicle’s blind spot is and how they can make it easier for you by avoiding those areas.

You can also remind your mates about the importance of leaving room to allow a heavy vehicle to turn, leave enough space to brake and show patience when overtaking a heavy vehicle.

As the holidays approach, it’s up to all of us who have a passion for heavy vehicle safety to engage with all road users.

After all, heavy vehicle safety is everyone’s responsibility – whether you drive a truck or a car, tow a trailer or a caravan.

The more we remind light vehicle drivers about how to drive safely around trucks, blind spots and braking distances, or the etiquette around using truck rest stops, the safer our roads will be this Easter.

Share with your mates:

  • Can you see a truck’s mirrors?
  • Leave truck bays clear for truck drivers to rest
  • Leave extra space for a heavy vehicle to turn
  • Don’t steal the space in front of a heavy vehicle
  • Drive to the conditions around heavy vehicles

Keep an eye on our social media channels for more videos and information over Easter break. Or jump online and check out all of our safety campaigns at

And have a safe and happy Easter, wherever you are travelling.

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