Smart OBM offers strong data protection safeguards

Owners have control over sharing information collected

Smart OBM offers strong data protection safeguards
Consent is a key aspect


Larger, heavier and more productive vehicles are now getting better access to the road network, thanks to the growing availability of Smart On-board Mass (OBM) systems that Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has type-approved.

Smart OBM systems use digital technology to collect and transmit mass data from vehicles in a reliable and standardised way.

A key benefit of Smart OBM is that it comes along with strong data protection rules. Data can only be shared from your Smart OBM once you have signed your consent.

Consent is a key privacy-by-design safeguard built into the way Smart OBM works, and how data collected from your vehicle is protected.

For transport operators  

If you’re participating in road network arrangements that require Smart OBM, such as High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs) in Victoria, or Performance-Based Standards (PBS) arrangement in Tasmania.

Then you need to:

1. Have Smart OBM fitted to your vehicle
2. Notify your selected certified service provider
3. Give consent to data being used from your Smart OBM system (speak with your service provider).


You won’t satisfy road access requirements until you’ve completed all three steps!

Where to get more information

See the TCA fact sheet on Getting started with a Smart OBM and online video to guide your choices.

Refer also:

If you’d like to know more about consent arrangements and data protection arrangements, feel free to speak with us. Contact TCA.


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