Turning Data into Decisions – Transform Your Operations with AI-Driven Telematics

SPONSORED CONTENT: The future of transport is here. No, it’s not drone delivery or self-driving trucks. It’s part and parcel of the telematics and GPS tracking solutions you’re probably already deploying across your fleet.


A new generation of fleet management systems powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived, revolutionising the way businesses capture data, manage fleets and ensure a safe, productive working environment.

Decision-makers across Australia’s logistics and transport sector already recognise the value of AI to drive decision-making and identify efficiencies. By 2030, it’s expected that AI could add $13 trillion to global economic output, according to McKinsey & Company. MIT research shows nine out of 10 business executives agree that AI represents an opportunity for them right now.

Here’s how the technology is set to transform your operations:


Delivering exceptional customer service is a key differentiator for any business. Your customers want their products and deliveries on time, but they’re also looking for businesses that make their lives easier and offer an invaluable service. Companies that go the extra mile to provide useful solutions and insight will stand out from competitors.

Supported by AI-enabled telematics, you can start analysing vehicle data and driver behaviours to deliver game-changing service and anticipate needs before they come to you. AI-based platforms streamline processes by guiding drivers via the best possible routes, alerting customers of accurate arrival times and redirecting safely back on route if taken off the path. With high-definition tracking and lenses, you can even replay events that occurred on the trip.


Making decisions is always a balance of experience and information. A fleet operator or manager will have plenty of expertise to draw on, whether they’re deciding on something about personnel, costs, processes or operations. But every organisation, driver and vehicle is different – you can’t always rely on the way you’ve done things in the past.

With a telematics system that incorporates machine learning (ML) and AI, you can complement your real-world experience with data that tells you what you don’t know. It will learn and grow with your business, offering valuable trends, alerts about irregularities or insights that help you pinpoint otherwise unseen inefficiencies. Maybe you’ve seen an increase in speeding events this month, which you can tie to a specific route your drivers are taking. It could be a rise in fuel use that you can trace back to small group of drivers idling unnecessarily inbetween jobs.

Even better, you don’t have to trawl through pages and pages of report data to find this information. A smart system will present all this up-to-the-minute data for you, with personalised insights based on how you interact with the system. Paired with natural language search and easy-to-read visual dashboards, you can drill down on any questions or specific trends you want to investigate further.


Safety is always top of mind when your employees are out on the road. While you may have thorough risk and safety management processes in place already, the addition of real-time data and AI analytics capabilities will take the guesswork out of the equation. An entirely digitised view of your fleet not only automates your business, it gives you instant information that is accurate, up-to-date and reliable. With instant availability of compliance information and vehicle analytics, you are able to identify trends before they become habits and keep drivers safely on track.

Live drone view features allow you to see the current position of the driver as they move along the map – as if you’ve got a drone sitting directly above the vehicle – to help guide drivers to their destination if they’re lost.

 AI and ML technologies make sense of this safety data and analyses in real-time – from event information to driver behaviour and vehicle performance. Data is visually displayed so it’s easy to interpret and receive real-time insights about what’s causing a pattern of unsafe behaviour. You have the ability to further drill into this data with further parameter data to discover more about what has occurred. All this empowers everyone in the business – from drivers to back-office staff and management – to take ownership of their own safety and work to improve the trends. You can set up alerts for drivers so they can immediately address dangerous habits on the road and use the data analysis as a training tool, so they understand areas for improvement.


Ultimately, AI-powered telematics solutions will let you see the invisible. Uncover insights about your business that you never would have otherwise. Connect the dots between different elements of your fleet so you can identify opportunities to improve productivity, safety and everything in between. Transform your day-to-day operations so you can focus on what matters most: happy, empowered employees and customers that will ensure your continued business success.

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