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How does a truck and trailer rental and leasing company grow to be supplying and managing over 8,000 vehicles?

By focusing on each vehicle and each customer individually and doing the best that it can to make it a successful experience for everyone.

This approach and these results are behind the move by TR Group, earlier this year, to purchase Victoria’s largest heavy commercial rental company, Semi Skel Hire (SSH). Having now owned the business for three months, and running with the name TR Semi Skel Hire, TR Group is applying its experience and skills to create a business in keeping with what it already knows and has.

"This includes plans to open a new facility in Brisbane shortly and to move to a new site in Melbourne in 2020, adding many new trailers to the fleet and adding prime movers for the first time to the TR SSH business," TR Group managing director Andrew Carpenter says.

"The most important piece of all, however, is the people – both those in the TR SSH team and the customers and suppliers who deal with the business. The focus has always been to build a team who have expertise and passion for the vehicles they provide, and to build relationships of trust with suppliers and customers.

"This is the foundation for doing business together that works well for everyone. When the customer likes what TR is providing for them, then the TR team is happy."

The move to purchase SSH followed many years of investigating the Australian market to find a like-minded business that fitted well with TR’s plans to provide world-class service in renting and leasing trucks and trailers.

Semi Skel Hire was founded by Geoff Kelly in 1994. Over the years, the business has seen significant growth and today it has a fleet of over 1200 semi-trailers. Spread across 12 acres in Yarraville, the SSH facility is only a 10-minute drive from the Port of Melbourne. While Geoff has retired from his role as managing director, his children, Kim and David have stayed with the business following TR’s acquisition. In her new role, Kim works as the state manager for Victoria, while David is the fleet and operations manager.

The Kelly family decided to sell the business to help it reach its full potential and expand its reach across Australia. Kim says the next steps involve opening a new depot in Brisbane that offers great opportunities for customers through their wide range of quality fleet. The aim of the Brisbane facility will be to not only service the greater metropolitan region but gradually service the entire state.

Having worked 18 years with SSH, Kim is excited about the future with TR Group. "In the three months since the acquisition, TR has already helped us achieve so much. I’m excited to be ticking things off my list of long-term goals for SSH," she says.

"We share the same values, the same relationships with our customers, who are so important to us. We pride ourselves on quality equipment, expertise and service to back that equipment.

"TR has helped us reach categories and industries that we haven’t had access to in the past. We’re now looking to expand our reach across construction and mining industries. We’ve recently started prime mover hire. We have prime movers available for hire at our Melbourne facility, which is the first step of our branching out into different categories."

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TR SSH has several plans for the near and long-term future. "We want to create more awareness in the industry about the benefits of leasing as opposed to buying," Kim says. "We’re also focussing a lot on PBS equipment. We’ve noticed that there is a gap in the market for PBS-specified hire equipment and we’re excited about tapping into that and learning as much as we can about the new regulations and how we can get all those benefits to our customers."

TR SSH has the experience, knowledge and quality equipment to offer the best to its customers. "We have excellent relationships with manufacturers and we constantly look for ways to support our customers’ requirements," Kim says.

With an aim to match the quality of the equipment on offer, TR SSH carries out all of the repair and maintenance work at its in-house workshop and tyre facility.

"TR have found the people in the Australian transport industry to be a pleasure to deal with and can see exciting opportunities to really add value through helping operators with their short and long term fleet needs." Andrew says. "TR believe we can make a real difference, allowing our customers to focus on their business, their people and customers while we provide them with support to take care of their fleet … one vehicle at a time.


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