PACCAR Genuine Parts

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PACCAR Genuine Parts
PACCAR Genuine Parts


Using innovative technologies and distribution processes and industry-leading quality management, PACCAR Parts provides aftersales support moving products efficiently through the supply chain. With a commitment to keeping our customers’ trucks productive and operational, PACCAR Parts delivers value for its customers through more than 57 locations, including dealerships and TRP stores, Australia-wide.

Quality matters

DAF and Kenworth customers can count on PACCAR Parts to supply their local dealer with dependable original equipment (OE) parts for their trucks and rely on us to back these products with full warranty, product training and dealer support.

PACCAR Genuine parts are OE first fit parts installed at the factory on Kenworth and DAF trucks. Packaged in PACCAR Genuine boxes helps assure customers they are buying quality OE parts.

PACCAR Genuine Drive Shafts

Recently launched PACCAR Genuine Drive shafts aim to increase uptime through fast turnaround of driveshaft replacements for Kenworth Trucks.

 Proudly engineered and built in Australia for Australian conditions, PACCAR Genuine Drive Shafts are built with consideration to all the following:

•             Vehicle application

•             Net input torque

•             Baseline duty cycle – highway / off road

•             Gross vehicle mass

•             Rear axle ratio

•             Transfer case ratio

•             Universal joint working angle

•             Low and high gear torque ratio

•             Wheel slip torque

•             Tyre rolling radius

•             Axle capacity

•             Engine clutch engagement torque at various RPM’s

•             Maximum operating speed

•             Torsional / Inertial vibration

•             Static & Dynamic Centre bearing loading

"The Kenworth DAF Dealer network recognise the importance of holding critical inventory and accessing channels that allow for fast turnaround of components to maximise customer uptime" notes Phil Reynolds, Senior Product Manager for PACCAR Genuine. "Interaxle drive shafts are the first stage in a full program rollout over the next few months and allow Kenworth owners and operators the choice to go to their PACCAR Dealer for supply and install of the same components as originally supplied from the factory."

In addition to Drive Shafts, PACCAR Parts recently launched PACCAR Genuine Universal joints and PACCAR Genuine Clutch Installation kits, further growing the list of first fit products carrying the PACCAR Genuine identity. Whilst there exists many driveline suppliers in Australia, choosing PACCAR Genuine Driveline components ensures the quality and reliability remains consistent with what is expected from Kenworth. 

PACCAR Genuine Universal Joints carry a 24 month warranty, and drive shafts and clutch installation kits carry 12 month unlimited kilometre warranty. All PACCAR Genuine Products are supported throughout Australia by the Kenworth DAF Dealer Network.

For more information, visit or call 1800 772 787.

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