Versatile Hammar design charms wharf carriers

SPONSORED CONTENT: With both a stepover and sledgeleg mode, the Hammar 110 is the lightest sideloader of its class


With a light weight design and the versatility its users have come to expect, the Hammar 110 heavy duty sideloader is already attracting the attention of wharf carriers and other groups across the country.

Launched in Brisbane earlier this month, the Hammar 110 ultra-light sideloader comes with three new main features: a double-action support leg, a significantly lower tare weight and a newly designed crane.

The double action support leg features both a stepover mode, where the leg extends 3.2m to reach the opposite side of a chassis or wagon; and a sledgeleg mode, when the folded leg reaches 2m – helpful for when space is limited and time is of the essence.

The Hammar 110 has attracted strong interest among wharf carriers

Hammar general manager Grahame Heap told ATN that the Hammar 110 was the lightest sideloader in the world that could do both, and in a much shorter space of time.

In Australia, the Hammar 110 will weigh approximately 8.9 tonnes, including a power pack, and will boast a safe working load of 36 tonnes.

"People do want them light but they want to achieve the maximum versatility they can get – this is a pretty happy medium," he says.

Giving vehicles the ability to carry a higher payload as the enforcement of strict gross loads grows tighter has helped to bolster demand for the sideloaders, Grahame says.

"We are able to keep things lighter. The likelihood of being fined or penalised for being overload is reduced or taken away if we can get this equipment light enough."

Grahame noted that other, heavier containers often had to be taken out on a skeleton trailer and then transferred across – something he said was less likely for the Hammar 110.

"This is a light machine for taking heavy boxes straight out to clients," he said.

With designs modified to meet Australian standards, the Hammar 110 can now be built, alongside other models in the Hammar sideloader range, at company bases in Brisbane and Sydney. 

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