Protecting a Father's Legacy

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SPONSORED CONTENT: Castrol RX Super has protected Walter Farming for 28 years. Inspired by a customer’s engine which ran for over 2.5 million kms, solely serviced using Castrol RX Super, we’re meeting the people that have made the brand the choice of protection for truck drivers, fleet owners and farmers alike.

Andrew Walter represents the 4th generation of Walter Farming in Violet Town, 50kms southeast of Shepparton, Victoria. He operates a broad acre farm which grows annual winter crops and manages a sheep grazing operation.

Alan Walter, the patriarch of the family established the business with Gladys in 1968. It has been a year since Alan passed but his legacy lives on through his family and farm.

Andrew Walter represents a new generation of farmer with old fashioned values instilled in him from his mum and dad. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from University of Melbourne and a PhD in Plant Molecular Breeding from the Australian National University.

He has been on multiple Government Advisory Committees and consults and has consulted for various state and federal governments, research companies and the United Nations.

It’s the passing down of the Walter legacy where Andrew sees a lot of his father’s teaching reflected in his own unique approach.

From a young age, it was clear the influence Alan and Gladys had on nurturing Andrew’s passion for the farm and his inherent thirst for knowledge. Alan instilled in him that he could not compromise his homework for farm work.

The turning point for Andrew was when he got a scholarship through Rotary to go to the National Science Summer School. It was here he saw the opportunity in science, genetic engineering and in particular how it could be applied in agriculture.

In 1992, he became the coach for the Australian International Biology Olympiad team. The International Biology Olympiad is held every year for high school students and is regarded as the 'Olympic Games for Biology'.

With Andrew in the lead, Australia made their debut in Czechoslovakia with success a year after in the Netherlands.

No one is prouder than Gladys, having enshrined Andrew’s Olympic history by framing his 14 blazer badges of each year of his participation.

Andrew on Castrol RX Super protecting the Walter Farm for almost three decades.

"Castrol RX Super has had a special relationship with the Walter family. From day one when I started on the farm Dad always taught me the importance of quality oil as the most effective form of maintenance. The Walter farm has been using Castrol RX Super for 28 years. We test our oils independently and Castrol RX Super performs superbly. Our CVX Tractor works every week of the year and is our primary tractor for spraying. It has gone for over 6,800 hours, its full life on Castrol RX Super and it’s still going strong."

What does the future hold for Andrew and the Walter family?

"I am tremendously excited about the opportunities that exist in Australian agriculture. We have never had more science and technology involved in the growing of crops or in the design and operation of machinery. It has been a challenging few years with the passing of Dad, but with the community of Violet Town coming together to support us, it just makes us want to succeed".

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