The right channel

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The right channel
Channel 40's advanced freight management platform connects freight owners to truck drivers.


Whether you are an Owner/Driver or driving for a private company, or even part of a big chain freight forwarding company, Channel 40 has value adds to offer every single worker in the transport industry.

Not every driver is looking to find loads and we get that, but we believe that every driver can benefit from taking the hassle out of getting paid on delivery, communicating with clients and jobs.

Find general loads and express load listings. You can look for that next job and get notified about urgent, local express load right from your phone.

We know that truckies don’t have time to be using laptop computers to check the other billboard style websites, we are the only solution offering a 100 per cent functional IOS and android app, that just makes life easier.

See all the details of the load, including images, dimensions, locations, freight owners profile, and what they are willing to pay (or offer a price).

Channel 40 Secure Pay is an industry changing function and is exactly what is needed. We’re sure you’ll love this feature.

The instant you agree to doing a load for a freight owner, the money is deducted from their account and held in Escrow.

You will get a notification that the money is ready to pay so you can be confident that you will get what is owed to you, fast.

As soon as you get to the destination and deliver the load, you mark it a delivered and you get the money.

It is that simple.

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