We mean business

SPONSORED CONTENT: Through the debacle that was the 2016 RSRO, leading to the abolition of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT), NatRoad was there every step of the way.

We mean business
NatRoad CEO Warren Clark.

CEO Warren Clark explains why NatRoad means business.

Since 1948, when the origins of NatRoad were formed, a strong membership base of owner-drivers has developed.

With over 1,000 members who have collectively more than 6,000 trucks there is a tradition of being active (and vocal) to represent our members.

Being nationally based this means that members are represented at all levels of government including State, Territory and Federal.

During the RSRT hearings we strongly encouraged our members and the industry to make submissions, and they did. 

With over 800 submissions from owner-drivers, and various transport operators, across Australia you made your voices heard. 

Over Easter and the subsequent weeks, when NatRoad took the RSRT to the Federal Court, we got immense support not only from our members but the industry as a whole.

It was a great time where we all came together to fight the cause.

When you make a stand against something that is not right for your members, you will always cop flak.

The amount of misinformation that was, and still is, being bandied about is disappointing though expected.

The fact is that no credible link has been made between freight rates and road safety.

Between 1982 and 2015, there has been an 80 per cent reduction in road deaths from articulated trucks despite the enormous growth in the number of trucks on the road.

In 2013 alone, in multiple vehicle crashes, the truck was not at fault in 84 per cent of the accidents (NTI data). Even one death is unacceptable though and we all want to be safe on the road.

Safety is everybody’s business. This means NatRoad will continue to work with regulators to improve safety.

Whether it be supporting Electronic and Roll Stability control to be mandated on new trucks or the education around understanding what the benefit of this change is.

Technology allows us to find better answers so let’s work with the experts and find them.

Working together as an industry also means we can start to get serious about what is happening with payment terms.

With examples where our members have had to suffer up to 120 days waiting for an invoice to be paid, we need change and we need it now.

Why should a truck driver have to wait for payment when they’ve already had to pay their fuel bill?

The business landscape is changing and being an entrepreneur, taking a risk others aren’t prepared to take, on owning your own business doesn’t need to be more onerous than it is.

Government has made changes with the introduction of the Australian Small Business & Family Enterprise Ombudsman and, from 12th November this year, a new law will come into effect protecting small business from unfair contract terms.

We want to keep trucks on the road, maintain flexibility with competition, and a fair days pay. NatRoad has stood the test of time and is the voice of the industry.

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