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Speeds dropped in busy Moree precinct

A HPAA has been established in Moree and will come into effect on June 26

The speed limit on roads surrounding the Moree District Health service in northern New South Wales has been slowed to 40 km/h due to the establishment of a high pedestrian activity area (HPAA).

The 40 km/h HPAA is being implemented along Victoria Terrace, from east of Edward Street to Alice Street, and from west of Frome Street along Alice Street to the end of the cul-de-sac, with sections of Auburn and Balo streets also included.

The new HPAA encompasses a hospital, two nursing homes, an ambulance station and a community health centre and has been implemented following a request by the Moree Shire Council for Transport for NSW to conduct a review.

Transport for NSW Regional Director Alistair Lunn says HPAA zones are proven to dramatically reduce traffic collision frequency and severity.

“Our evaluation of HPAA zones shows a 33 per cent reduction in serious injury crashes, a 46 per cent reduction in pedestrian serious injury crashes, and a 100 per cent reduction in fatal crashes,” Lunn says.

“Moree Shire Council wanted to facilitate safer access for pedestrians throughout the area near the hospital and aged care facilities by reducing vehicle speeds.

“It’s also adjacent to a shared path along the Gwydir River and Botanical Gardens, which is frequently used for special events.

“This is a busy part of Moree than feeds into other busy streets.”

The HPAA will come into effect on Wednesday June 26.

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