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Specialised ultra heavy tanker to headline Hino stand at AFAC conference

With a 10,000 litre tank and a front mounted water cannon controlled by a joystick inside the cabin Hino’s 500 Series Wide Cab FM 2632 Ultra Heavy Tanker is sure to be a hit

Attendees at this year’s Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authority Council (AFAC) conference in Brisbane will have the chance to see the very latest in tough tanker technology from Hino Australia.

The manufacturer has chosen a 500 Series Wide Cab FM 2632 “Ultra Heavy Tanker” to be the hero of its stand at the event, showcasing the truck’s ability to assist emergency services personnel dealing with fires in all manner of terrain.

“The fully operational “Ultra Heavy Tanker” (UHT) has a 10,000 litre water tank, which can be operated by a small number of crew, and maximises the amount of water delivered to the fire front via a front mounted water cannon controlled by a joystick in the cabin,” Hino Australia Department manager of Product Strategy Daniel Petrovski says.

“The water capacity and ease of operation is particularly important given the volunteer shortages that some emergency services are currently facing.

“The new UHT has received extremely positive feedback from volunteers since its release in March and is one of many that will be rolled out to brigades over the next 18 months.”

The new Hino A09C engine produces 320Hp (235kW) of power and 1275Nm of torque.

“The six-speed Allison automatic transmission ensures better drivability and convenience for all drivers,” Petrovski says.

Other special features include an air Central Tyre Inflation (CTI) system that is fitted to all tyres and allows inflation or deflation as required from the cabin, particularly useful for fighting fires in the sand or other challenging low traction off-road conditions. 

Also on display is a 500 Series Wide Cab GH 1828 heavy tanker, which has been specifically designed and built for the Queensland Rural Fire Service by R.A. Bell. 

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“Of particular interest to fire agencies is that both GH 1828 and FM 2632 are equipped with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), a standard safety feature,” Petrovski says.

Tankers carrying liquids are particularly susceptible to rollovers and VSC continuously monitors the vehicles’ operation and can help prevent an incident, such as when a vehicle enters or exits a corner too fast.

All Hino light, medium and heavy-duty trucks feature Hino Australia’s new intuitive 10.1-inch ultra-high-definition Multimedia unit, which features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone compatibility.

Enhanced functionality and usability for drivers is central to the new unit’s design, with key physical features such as volume control knob, buttons on the unit and programable control buttons on the steering wheel,

As part of the upgrade, the new Multimedia unit will provide all vehicles with the capability to access Hino-Connect business telematics features, which provides customers with real-time performance data, tracking, remote diagnosis of vehicle operation and dedicated Hino-Connect support specialists.

“The connectivity of the new multimedia unit and Hino-Connect will provide fleet managers and customers with full fleet connectivity,” Petrovski says.


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