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caterpillar 777e 62735 001 Caterpillar 777E rigid dump truck caterpillar 777e 62735 002
Full Specifications

Common Fields

Country Australia

Standard Fields

Model 777E
Year 2016


Category Rigid Dump Trucks
Payload Capacity - kg 98,202
Unladen Weight - kg 65,158
Heaped Capacity - m3 60.1
Loading Height - mm 4,380
Dump Speed Raise-Lower - sec 15/-


Engine Cat C32 ACERT
Engine Displacement - lt 32.1
Number of Cylinders 12
Transmission Automatic Powershift
Power - kW 708
Torque - Nm 4757
Speeds fwd-rev 7F/1R
Max Speed Fully Loaded - kph 65.9
Braking Retarder Oil Cooled brakes, Automatic Retarder Control (ARC), Engine brake
Service Brakes Oil cooled wet multiple rear disc, front dry caliper disc
Tyres 27.00R49 (E4)


Weight Distribution Empty Front-Rear % 44%- 56%
Weight distribution Loaded Front-Rear % 30% - 70%
Length - mm 10,004
Width - mm 6,105
Height - mm 5,177
Turning Circle Diameter - mm 25,300
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