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South Australia reveals location for new mobile phone detection cameras

South Australia is set to become the next state to install mobile phone detection cameras

The South Australian government has announced that, following a successful trial last year, five priority locations across Adelaide have been identified for the installation of mobile phone detection cameras (MPDCs). 

Locations include the Southern Expressway in Darlington, South Road in Torrensville, the Nort South Motorway in Regency Park, Port Road in Hindmarsh and Port Wakefield Road in Gepps Cross. 

The SA government says that the enforcement cameras are expected to be installed on existing digital variable message signage and be operational by June pending a final technical and environmental review of the locations. 

A three-month educational period between June and September will operate and drivers won’t be fined or lose demerit points during this period. 

SA Police will then issue fines worth $540 while drivers will be given three demerit points when they illegally use their mobile phones. 

All funds raised from the fines will be returned to the Community Road Safety Fund that the SA government says will deliver crucial road safety initiatives across the state.  

Initiatives from the fund include safety improvements, education programs and hard-hitting public advertising. 

The SA government says the location of these cameras is based on research by Adelaide University’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research. 

During its research, the centre considered crash trends and targeted busy road corridors across different areas of Adelaide. 

The SA government says that the MPDCs save lives by detecting and deterring drivers who put themselves and others at risk by engaging in dangerous behaviour. 

The cameras work by capturing high quality images from multiple angles through the driver’s windscreen, with artificial intelligence software identifying drivers on their mobile phones. 

Photos of drivers are then validated by SA Police, with images of those following the law deleted. 

Currently, MPDCs operate in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, while a three-month grace period is also underway in the Australian Capital Territory.

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