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Slim’s truckie’s tribute set in stone

The new Slim Dusty Centre at Kempsey, NSW, is inviting truck drivers to be part of the Truckies' Tribute To Slim

By Greg Bush

Construction of the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey NSW is underway, including one of the centre’s main features, the Truckies’ Tribute To Slim.

The site clearing and levelling has been completed, piers and footings have been set on the site and construction of the slab and walls are underway. Completion of the construction phase is expected by the end of 2010.

The Truckies Tribute to Slim is intended to illustrate and commemorate the legendary country singer’s links with truckies and the transport industry. For a tax deductible donation of $50, all truckies can have their name and the name of their rig engraved into a paver which may be laid within the centre by visiting the website at

As completion of the centre is nearing, donations of Truckies Tribute pavers must close on July 1, 2010 to enable them to be manufactured, inscribed and laid at the centre for opening day.

“Slim held the trucking industry in high regard and so many of his fans were truckies, playing his albums as they traversed the country,” says CEO of the Slim Dusty Foundation, Kathryn Yarnold.

“It is fantastic to see the progress of the construction of the centre. Slim’s dream is coming to fruition and we want to ensure that all truckies don’t miss the opportunity to donate their paver before the closing date of July 1 this year.

“Other areas of the centre will feature similar inscribed pavers giving fans the opportunity to have their name, message or personal salute to Slim engraved. Think how exciting it will be for you, or in years to come, your children and grand children to visit the Slim Dusty Centre and be able to walk through the courtyard and find your name or message as part of history.”

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