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Skyroad Logistics commits to huge Kenworth order

The logistics company has chosen to go with Kenworth and Cummins again

In a display of Skyroad Logistics’ partnership with Kenworth and Cummins, the logistics group has issued its largest fleet order yet.

The new commitment involves ordering 25 new Kenworth trucks comprising of 16 K200 models and the new K220, T610, T909 and T360 versions along with the option to deliver across both 2022 and into 2023.

Skyroad Logistics is a business focused on wholesale transport and logistics operations for freight forwarders, airliners and air cargo charter operators, as its network now spans across all major capital city airports in Australia.

It says its latest Kenworth order followed a review of data available from experience with the company’s current Kenworth Euro VI fleet along with extended trials of a major European brand.

Skyroad first chose to use the Kenworth K200 when it began operating in 2015 due to its flexible and practical platforms that could integrate with the company’s performance-based standards (PBS) vehicle designs.

Included in these trucks is the Cummins Euro VI emissions technology that provides up to 87 per cent reductions in emission versus the Euro V.

The order includes a number of Kenworth T909 models, while Skyroad will also deploy Kenworth T610s that mirror the K200/ K220 specifications.

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Skyroad Group managing director Peter Assel says the company made a strategic decision to renew its fleet and continue growing its operations with the order.

“This is a major order in the context of our company’s short six-year history,” Assel says.

“With lead times for equipment growing we need to make our fleet decisions now.

“Kenworth and Cummins have worked with us from inception to show these customers via real data and computer modelling that we can deliver on what we say. The order we have placed underpins the commitments we are making with those customers.”

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