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Significant upgrades made to NHVR portal

AccessCONNECT improvements to boost interaction between the regulator and fleet operators


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has introduced some new fleet management and operator-focused features on its portal.

The new features aim to allow operators, road managers and NHVR staff to interact on its AccessCONNECT technology platform for the first time.

AccessCONNECT executive director David Carlisle thanks operators and road managers for their patience and feedback during the transition that began earlier this month.

“More than 400 road managers across Australia now have the ability to respond to consent requests using an online form or an NHVR Portal Form,” Carlisle says.

“This is the first step moving away from the original email-based process, moving all users onto the same NHVR Portal interface for access applications.

“In the coming weeks, groups of road managers will transition to the full NHVR Portal – Road Manager module functionality.

“This transition will be based on their individual readiness.”

The latest NHVR portal upgrade also includes changes to the way permit applications are submitted and processed.

Additional features include new permit library, correspondence and notifications, removing the need to respond via email to the NHVR.

The new features are the most significant upgrade to the capability of its portal since it was launched in August last year, the regulator states.

“We’ve had now had over 30,000 permits applications lodged, with 99 per cent of all new applications now submitted through the NHVR Portal,” Carlisle says.

“These additional features have finally delivered a shared view of permit activities and processing in the Portal for road managers and customers.”

For more information, email or phone 1300 696 487.

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