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Shippit and Jarden call for greater investment in last-mile sector

Shippit’s co-CEO says delivery experience is now essential for retail organisations looking to retain customers

Last-mile delivery platform in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Shippit and financing company Jarden says its white paper, Courting the consumer via last mile, calls on retail organisations to invest more in improving last-mile delivery services.

Shippit co-founder and co-CEO Rob Hango-Zada says delivery has often been overlooked despite being one of the most influential factors in customer retention. 

“Our white paper with Jarden revealed that 78 per cent of Australians said the post-purchase experience was either very or extremely important, while 62 per cent of consumers would be less likely to shop at a brand again if their delivery experience was poor,” Hango-Zada says. 

“A convenient, reliable and memorable post-purchase experience is no longer nice-to-have – it’s essential, particularly as Amazon, Temu and Shein continue to capture a greater share of the market and train long term habits and loyalty.” 

Hango-Zada says growing customer lifetime value is key for retail organisations as competition and economic pressures continue to increase. 

“Online penetration will continue to lift as the experience improves and consumers seek out value,” Hango-Zada says. 

“While price will always be a key consideration for shoppers, post purchase experiences have emerged as the second most influential factor when consumers engage with brands.” 

“The retailers who recognise that, and court customers through their last-mile strategy, will be well-placed to succeed in the short, medium and long-term.” 

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