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Scania unveils new type of fuel efficiency training

Pilot telematics programs involving ‘Ecolution by Scania’ launched in Australia.


Pilot programs have been launched in Australia involving the ‘Ecolution by Scania’ system capable of remotely monitoring driver fuel efficiency.

The programs are an advance on the fuel efficiency training already offered to Scania customers.

Such training is combined with in-cab technology to notify drivers when they are using too much fuel.

Fuel-inefficient habits might involve, for example, over-powering in the city, rather than anticipating light changes or the traffic ahead; or over-powering on the crest of a hill and then having to brake down the other side, rather than coasting.

“The Ecolution by Scania concept has been live in several European markets for some time, and now it is being rolled out in Australia within several carefully selected pilot programs initially, before becoming more widely available,” Scania Australia says.

“The aim of the driver efficiency program is to generate fuel consumption reduction, which can be in excess of 10 per cent.”

The initiative includes individual coaching of drivers based on vehicle and environmental reports they generate when driving.

“This helps to reinforce the driving techniques that have been taught and ensure benefits are maintained,” Scania says.

Each driver receives an electronic key to identify them. The key is used to activate the Scania black box inside the truck that monitors driver and vehicle performance.

”This is fundamental to Ecolution by Scania as it allows progress to be accurately and directly monitored by way of the telematics system,” Scania says.

”The data captured is automatically reported back to Scania’s in-house team of driver coaches. Every driver in the Ecolution by Scania pilot program will have a dedicated advisor who contacts him or her on a regular basis to personally discuss their results and set future targets.” 

ATN recently drove a Scania G480 from Melbourne to Sydney to check out the latest tips and technology on fuel-efficient driving.

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