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Scania to make sustainable steel switch by 2030

Scania has unveiled a timeline to use fossil-free steel before the end of the decade

International heavy vehicle manufacturer Scania has announced that it will transition to only using zero-emissions steel for its vehicles before 2030.

As reported by Reuters, Scania published a letter of intent to buy steel without fossil fuels from Swedish metal maker SSAB from 2026 onwards before escalating deliveries of this product up until the 2030 deadline.

In the report, Scania hasn’t revealed how much steel it would buy off SSAB or the cost of this transition.

“Scania’s purpose is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system,” Scania CEO Christian Levin says in the statement.

SSAB says its fossil-free metal has the same quality and properties as traditional steel, even when recycled, with SSAB investing in new production methods to further eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from its steel production.

This includes replacing traditional coking goal with the likes of electricity and hydrogen that runs off zero carbon emissions.

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