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Scania teases next generation safety features

Scania’s yet-to-be-launched truck will include side curtain airbags to assist in rollovers


Scania has released further details about its next generation truck ahead of its launch next week, announcing it will be available with rollover side curtain airbags.

In what the Swedish truck manufacturer describes as a “world first”, the new airbags will be mounted into the headliner moulding above the driver and passenger doors and deploy in the event of a truck rollover.

Scania says the “unique solution which has never previously been offered in trucks,” has the “potential for a significant reduction in deaths from rollover accidents” by preventing further injury in a collision and the chance of a person being crushed by the vehicle.

The man responsible for Scania’s crash safety system, Christofer Karlsson, says alongside the seatbelt, which “is essential to allow the safety systems to do their job and to ensure that the driver is not thrown out of the cab”, the new solution improves the chances for both the driver and passenger.

“Our rollover side curtain airbag – particularly when combined with the steering wheel airbag and our seat belt pretensioners – ensures that the driver and any passengers on board will have a much better chance of surviving a rollover accident in one of the new generation of Scania trucks, with far less severe consequences than would be the case in any other truck,” Karlsson says.

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Should a rollover occur, the truck maker says safety system sensors determine whether and when the range of airbags should be deployed – and when deployed, they inflate instantly.

While withholding further details on the new truck range, which will be unveiled on August 23,

Scania says it will include a number of other active and passive safety features.

The launch will be streamed live online.



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