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Scania opens 2016 Driver Competition

Truck maker wants to find the safest, most knowledgeable, and most skilled driver in Australia, and then the world


Scania’s global search for the best truck and bus drivers is set to begin again, testing the skills, safety and efficiency of Australian drivers against the world.

The Swedish truck maker says the 2016 Scania Driver Competitions, which will run for the sixth time for truck drivers and the third time for bus drivers in Australia, are worth thousands of dollars in prizes should contenders “successfully navigate the on-line challenger round and then graduate to the national final”.

While the first round is an online knowledge test, the final will be held in Melbourne in October and test the on-road, real-world driving skills of competitors.

The final will also include an exam to further test the knowledge of drivers.

“The Scania Driver Competitions have become a global opportunity for truck drivers to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and professionalism,” Scania Australia managing director Roger McCarthy says.

The Scania boss says drivers are the most important asset of any transport business because they can influence all areas of the transport economy, making their skills and knowledge paramount.

“Our transport industry faces multiple challenges and opportunities,” he says.

“Society continues to look for demonstrable improvements in road safety from the road transport industry.

“Reductions in fuel usage, however small, reduce emissions and deliver lower operating costs.

“Lower costs in turn increase transport operators’ profitability and provide the opportunity to grow their business.

“Drivers play a pivotal role in each of these areas.”

Scania says all truck drivers with a MC licence and bus drivers with a HR licence are welcome to enter the competition whether they drive a Scania vehicle or not.

McCarthy says businesses “have plenty to gain.”

“We know for a fact that good drivers use less fuel, look after their vehicles better, and avoid incidents on the road or in the depot,” he says.

“The 2016 Scania Driver Competitions aim to raise levels of awareness across all three areas, which have benefits for all drivers, their families, their employers, our entire transport industry and indeed, all other road users.

“At the very least, promoting the 2016 Scania Driver Competitions to your drivers or driving colleagues will help reinforce the importance of safety at work, efficiency of operation and encourage a positive mind-set in the job.”

To enter the competition, head to


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