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Scania new Dandenong branch manager celebrates first year at the helm

Scania Dandenong branch manager Liz Mistretta says her first year at the manufacturer has seen her enhance the connection between all of her staff members

Scania Dandenong’s branch manager Liz Mistretta has reflected on a year in the role at the major Victorian site.   

After being appointed as the branch manager in 2023, Mistretta says she’s confident her team is heading in the right direction. 

Mistretta joined the global manufacturer last year after spending the past 30 years as a member of the energy industry. 

“Although I had never worked in the industry, I’ve had exposure to the industry and my leadership experience and my love of coaching and mentoring people fitted in well at the branch,” Mistretta says. 

Mistretta says she has aimed to create a harmonious and energetic culture during her first year as Dandenong’s branch manager. 

“Customer feedback has been good, and from a business perspective we are doing better and I feel that everyone knows what is expected of them,” Mistretta says. 

Mistretta says she’s learned a lot about dealing with customers and trucks in her first year and that the Scania House model has provided a foundation to help support customers and her team to understand their everyday objectives. 

Throughout her first year, Mistretta says she’s also supported her staff and connected with them through social activities outside of the “daily rush”.  

“The biggest change I have seen in the first year has been the improved connection between the team and their positive attitude – everyone feels happier,” Mistretta says. 

“We have broken down walls between people and we have a more trusting and supportive culture. I’m here as a people leader to support them and recognise the efforts they are making.” 

Mistretta says that while the branch still faces industry-wide challenges, including securing enough technicians and finding the right people for its customer-facing roles, she’s confident that the branch will find more good people through word of mouth or an international search. 

“Getting the right people in with the right energy and passion is critical, it’s something that I drive every day,” Mistretta says.  

“I think everyone now knows how I like to operate to take us to the next level. There’s always an opportunity to grow and move up. It’s a constant cycle.” 

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