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Scania introduces regional long-haul electric trucks

The truck manufacturer is changing the game when it comes to regional long-haul operations

Scania is following its roadmap to electric trucks by now introducing solutions that build on the next stage of battery electric trucks.

The truck manufacturer is now introducing a regional long-haul range of electric trucks as part of a new generation that will be available with R or S sleeper cabs and forms part of a complete solution that allows more customers to access the electrified transport sector.

Scania has introduced 624 kWh of battery to majorly change electric trucks and how they function and operate in regional long-haul operations.

“This introduction represents a major milestone for us and our partners,” Scania CEO Chrstian Levin says.

“We are now increasing our range in every dimension by offering new opportunities for a vast selection of customers and the whole transport ecosystem.

“These tracks are part of solutions that contain all the capabilities that a transport industry longing for electrification is asking for.”

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Scania says its new battery electric truck generation is based on Scania’s cornerstones in modularity, sustainability and an operating economy to match conventional trucks.

With the new Scania trucks, customers will be able to operate rigids or tractor-and-trailer combinations such as temperature-controlled food transports.

“Scania has now reached a favourable maturity regarding our electrified offer,” Scania senior vice president Fredrik Allard says.

“With this major addition to our existing hybrids and battery electric trucks for urban distribution we introduced in 2020, we can now offer a sustainable and multi-faceted portfolio of zero-emission solutions for our customers.”

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