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Scania electric trucks key in national first

Scania electric trucks are set to be implemented in IKEA’s Portuguese supply chain operations by logistics company, KLOG

Logistics company KLOG – who is furniture giant IKEA’s Iberian Peninsula partner – is set to deploy a new fleet of Scania-made electric transport vehicles in what is a historic move in the context of Portugal’s supply chain industry.

The vehicles will transport IKEA products from the Paços de Ferreria factory in Portugal’s north-west to the Porto harbour in Leixões roughly 40km away before taking them to various IKEA stores.

This impending shift to electric vehicles is the first of its kind in Portugal, with the Swedish company also currently taking similar steps with its supply chains in southern France and Poland.

Discussions around the Portuguese EV implementation began between IKEA and Scania in 2023.

“To be able to make a real shift towards transport decarbonisation we need to collaborate across the value chain,” IKEA supply chain operations category area transport manager Dariusz Mroczek says.

“Today’s announcement is a great example of how we reduce carbon emissions and find scalable solutions together.”

“We are, of course, immensely proud to be among the first in Portugal to run electric goods transportation. Our vision is to be recognised in the international market as a leading logistics company,” KLOG managing director Egídio Lopes adds.

IKEA has a goal to become climate positive by 2030, and states on its website the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a key component of that goal.

KLOG is an entirely Portuguese-owned organisation that has international agents which enables it to be present in over 120 countries worldwide.

: FCAI supports state budget’s EV charge.

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