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Scania accelerating electrification with Keysight

Scania has chosen where it will begin testing battery technology, with the laboratory to be based in northern Europe

Swedish heavy vehicle manufacturer Scania says it will establish a battery laboratory with battery test solutions company Keysight at its Scienlab facility in Sweden.

The new battery laboratory will be used to conduct research into battery technology, with the new 1,000-square-metre facility including three 250-square-metre test halls for battery cells, mdoules and packs.

Scania says the main focus at the lab will be to test battery performance and lifespan evaluation in various conditions ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.

Scania will also use Keysight’s PathWave lab operations for battery test, which is a web-based lab management platform that makes operations more efficient and tests data management methods.

This technology will be paired with Keysight’s energy storage discover software that will be used by Scania to test and control battery technology.

Scania says this mix of methods will help the company optimise planning and coordination when it comes to managing its lab personnel, test systems and devices under test at the battery laboratory.

“The need for relevant skills and knowledge in battery usage and lifecycle optimisation is more important than ever before,” Scania head of test cell operation battery Hakan Ornhed says.

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“We see an increasing need to intensify battery testing and tailored deployment. Keysight’s experience in battery testing has resulted in a solution that meets our requirements and makes them perfect for this crucial project.”

Keysight vice-president Thomas Goetzl says: “We are extremely proud that we could support Scania in their aspiration to secure a market leadership position for commercial EV vehicles.”

“Our collaborative approach with Scania was to challenge the state-of-the-art, which enables us to gain insights from a transportation manufacturer who strives to discover new edges of e-mobility use-cases and technologies.”

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