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SARTA call over state border disruption

Association charges police with communication shortfall


The South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA) has taken issue with the state police force (SApol) on how it communicated a new cross-border online essential traveller process that affects truck drivers.

While the force states that truck drivers should “feel little if any change”, SARTA is urging industry members to make their experiences known.

“Unfortunately due largely to the very poor and last minute communication by SAPol regarding this, drivers and operators have experienced real difficulties today, with this new system that is flawed,” SARTA says in social media.

“The statement in this post that drivers should experience little change simply confirms SAPol’s lack of understanding regarding the confusion and administrative burden created as a direct result of the failure to engage with and consult the industry as this was developed; which is extremely disappointing.”

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The police announcement is as follows:

Transport and Freight operators travelling to South Australia as an existing Essential Travellers – will need to complete the online registration process.

When filling out the online form you need to provide a short description of why you meet the selected criteria, this should include:
– The name of the company you drive for
– A description of your vehicle (i.e. B Double)
– The general route and regularity of your travel
– A general description of what you transport.

The new online process it is not intended to deviate from the current practice at the border.

Transport and freight drivers are encouraged to apply as soon as they can to obtain their status under the new system, however largely those drivers operating across borders should feel little if any change.

Once drivers have received their email confirming approval as an essential traveller, presentation of the email advice to police border patrols will streamline the processing further.

It is critical that sufficient information is provided or the application may require re-submission or not receive the appropriate status.

Police online services can be access here.


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