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SA Budget looks to North-South Corridor progress

Rural Freight Improvement program still gets cash as do point-to-point cameras.


As with the Commonwealth and other states, the South Australian Government has roads spending as a crucial part of its budget mix.

The centrepiece of this part of the spending provisions laid down by treasurer Tom Koutsantonis is the 78km North-South Corridor, acknowledged as “the major route for north and south bound traffic through Greater Adelaide, including freight vehicles”.

“This corridor will be enhanced by a major upgrade of a 2.3km section of road between the Southern Expressway and Ayliffes Road at Darlington, a 3.7km upgrade of South Road from Torrens Road to the River Torrens and an upgrade of the intersection at South Road and Richmond Road to improve peak-hour performance at one of Adelaide’s most congested intersections,” the budget papers say.

Transport minister Stephen Mullighan states that the recently-announced upgrades to the North-South Corridor will also provide a strong economic benefit to the State.

“The State Government has committed $124 million over five years towards the $620 million Darlington upgrade and, as we promised before the election, we will contribute $448 million towards the $896 million Torrens to Torrens project,” Mullighan says.

“The benefits of these projects go beyond improving traffic flows and travel times for commuters. Combined, they will inject $1.5 billion into the South Australian economy and secure around 850 local jobs a year during construction.”

About $35.5 million is to be spent over the next four years for the continuation of rural road safety measures including improved signage and delineation, minor junction improvements and removal, and modification and shielding of roadside hazards and median centreline treatments

And $27 million over two years is aimed at the Mount Barker interchange, jointly funded by the state, Commonwealth and local government,

Among the Transport Department’s targets for the next 12 months are:

  • a review of tow truck regulations and Accident Towing Roster Scheme, tilt tray and tow truck operator policy and legislation reforms
  • completing the South Road Planning Study (Anzac Highway to Southern Expressway)
  • update of the Strategic Infrastructure Plan
  • enabling the North-South Corridor program through the effective acquisition of required properties.

The Rural Freight Improvement program will continue, with $16.6 million to be spent of its total cost to mid-2018.

A program of works to improve the safety and efficiency of SA’s important freight routes will be carried out, including road widening and shoulder sealing, intersection improvements, level crossing upgrades, bridge strengthening and overtaking lanes.

And $3.7 million of a total $7.2 million to mid-next year will go on rolling out rural point-to-point safety cameras, including on the Dukes Highway and Port Wakefield Road.

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