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RTA announces new Newell trial

New centreline markings will be used on the Newell Highway in a trial to increase safety

November 17, 2009

A new style of centreline markings will be installed at two locations on the Newell Highway early next year to reduce ocrashes caused by speed, fatigue and driver inattention.

The new markings use tactile lines known as “rumble strips” and have a width of 1.2 metres.

The lines will be unbroken where overtaking is prohibited.

The New South Wales Roads Traffic Authority (RTA) says the trial sites are five kilometres long and north of Parkes and West Wyalong.

Cameras will be installed on the side of the road to monitor the sections before new markings are installed during the trial period.

“This will allow the RTA to asses and evaluate the drivers’ perceptions, understandings and acceptance of the current road markings and the new road markings,” an RTA spokesperson says of the trial.

Signage will also be installed to provide drivers with guidance on how the new line markings work.

The RTA says the line markings will remain and similar markings will be installed at other locations on the highway and in NSW if the trial is successful.

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