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Road fatalities spur Toowoomba council safety plea

Heavy vehicle interaction aspect emphasised in letter to community


Safety around trucks was one of the focuses of a vigilance call from Toowoomba Region mayor Paul Antonio after a string of recent road fatalities.

Four people have died in the region’s roads in the past month, prompting Antonio to urge the community to heed the road safety message.

Antonio said the tragic events were a timely reminder for all road users to give their total attention to the road and surrounding conditions every time they set off on a journey.

“I cannot stress enough how crucial it is for everyone to remain vigilant when travelling on our roads,” he noted.

“That’s four people who will never go home to their families.

“We are all aware of the horrific statistics of road deaths and accidents, but they need to be repeated over and over to remind us all of the extent of this type of tragedy.

“You, one of your co-workers, friends or one of your family members could be seriously impacted by a traffic crash.

“We tend to think these tragic life events only happen to other people but they don’t; none of us are immune.

“Traffic crashes are preventable and if we just used some common sense, we could decrease the number of deaths and serious injuries.”

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Antonio highlighted the shared responsibility aspect of road safety, including interacting appropriately with heavy vehicles.

“Avoid driver distractions like mobile phones, don’t speed, don’t drink and/or drug drive, be sure to wear a seat belt and never drive when tired,” he said.

“I would also urge everyone to take extra care when sharing the road with heavy vehicles — a part of everyday life for us here in the Toowoomba Region.

“There are certain limitations on truck drivers when it comes to slowing down and pulling up a heavy vehicle in time.

“They simply need more room and their blind spots are much larger than cars, so make sure not to follow a heavy vehicle too closely.

“There is no room for complacency.

“Please remember to avoid taking risks behind the wheel as you not only endanger your own life, but the lives of passengers, other motorists and road users around you.

“A little bit of patience, respect and care on our roads goes a long way.

“Improving road safety where and when possible and advocating for better road safety education is one of Council’s top priorities.”

@The Toowoomba Region works collaboratively with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and thanked emergency services agencies and first responders for the work they perform around the clock to keep the community safe.

“Council also continues to implement the actions from our Road Safety Strategy 2019-23 which provides a local framework to enable Council, key road safety stakeholders and the community to actively participate in improving road safety within the region.

“We must continue to work together to reduce death and serious injuries and save precious lives on our roads.”


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