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Road and rail supply chain resilience review launched

The review will look into the resilience of Australian road and rail supply chains

The Federal Government’s Department of Infrastructure and Transport announced a new road and rail supply chain resilience review.

The review is to be led by the Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE) and will identify the supply chains most critical to Australian communities and businesses.

The process will also investigate the risks Australian businesses face and a stocktake of any work underway to mitigate risks, before informing government action on effectively mitigating supply chain risks for the benefit of Australians.

Taking into consideration supporting work including the Australian infrastructure plan and the national freight and supply chain strategy, the terms of reference outlines the COVID-19 outbreak and natural disasters as causes for the supply chain review.

Recent times have shown the importance of on-land supply chains to the national economy, as well as the lives of Australians, as deputy PM Barnaby Joyce commissioned the review into how to make the country’s supply chain stronger.

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The review will determine the major risks challenging critical supply routes, identify long term risks and assess vulnerable spots in Australia’s national supply chain.

Engaging with the freight industry reference panel, as well as key stakeholders, BITRE will report to government on the issue by December 2022.

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