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RFNSW urges ‘Freedom Day’ motoring care

End to Sydney lockdown means more chances of on-road errors and issues


With Greater Sydney re-opening today and people returning to work, Road Freight NSW (RFNSW) is warning motorists to check their vehicles and to drive carefully as they get back out on the roads.

The state industry body says it is crucial that light-vehicle drivers, who’ve only been on the road for essential journeys during the long Covid-lockdown, are aware of heavy vehicles.

The warning comes in the hope that the risk of mishaps and accidents during increased traffic periods can be minimised.

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“Unless they’re essential workers, the majority of people haven’t done much driving during lockdown, so it’s important that everyone takes it easy once they get back out on the road,” RFNSW CEO Simon O’Hara said.

“We’ve already seen increased numbers of trucks on major roads with the re-commencement of the construction industry and we’re about to experience a return to heavy, peak-hour traffic conditions once people get back to work and school.

“For everyone’s safety, it’s important that light-vehicle drivers stick to the road rules, drive to the conditions and are extra cautious around trucks.

“Our RFNSW members are asking for a bit of common-sense from car drivers and motorcyclists: don’t merge or brake suddenly in front of heavy-vehicles and definitely don’t use or be distracted by mobile phones.

“Heavy-vehicle drivers will also be experiencing heavier traffic conditions and will need to be extra vigilant and patient as we head-toward the busy Christmas period.

“And with many cars in hibernation during lockdown, we’re advising drivers to carry out a few simple checks before they get behind the wheel.

“Checking the engine oil, coolant, brake and washer fluids, tyre pressure and the battery, will alert them to any issues that need fixing and ensure their car will run smoothly.

“We need to minimise the risk of breakdowns and traffic mishaps as we get back to work and school and all stay safe on our roads.”


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