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Regional NSW rest stop set for much-needed upgrade

The Kidman Highway’s Gilgunnia Golfields Rest Area is set for a much-needed upgrade, in a move which stakeholders believe has the potential to save lives

The NSW government is delivering a $255,000 upgrade of the Gilgunnia Goldfields Rest Area, with truck drivers and tourists set to benefit most from the regional site’s revamp. 

The rest area is located on the Kidman Highway, roughly 109km south of Cobar – a small town in the centre of the state. 

The upgrade is set to include the improvement of the current waterless composting toilet facility to modern standards, and the removal of a broken barbecue, cage and disused water tank. 

The drainage and surface of the truck parking bay will also be improved. 

NSW minister for regional transport and roads Jenny Aitchson says an improvement to the rest area’s amenities could be a game-changer in driver fatigue management. 

“Having visited the area in 2022 and again in January this year, I know the value of good quality roadside stops to local communities, tourism and freight operators,” Aitchson says. 

“Good amenities in remote rest stops can be the difference between life and death in helping long distance drivers better manage their fatigue.” 

Independent member for Barwon Roy Butler added the improved rest stop could help promote long distance drivers to ensure they get greater rest on their journeys. 

“Truck drivers in that part of the world have long distances to cover and anything that makes a rest stop more usable and comfortable will encourage drivers to take more breaks from behind the wheel,” Butler says. 

“Anything that helps improve the safety along the main roads of Barwon is a great thing. It will also be good for tourists who travel the highway. 

“This is something the community has wanted for a long time. In its previous state, the rest stop left a lot to be desired.” 

The upgrade works are set to begin on June 17 and are expected to take roughly six weeks. 

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