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Redundant Holden workers find jobs in regional Vic

Porthaul has offered up to 50 truck driver positions to former Holden workers, more jobs to be filled


With the impending closure of Holden’s Elizabeth plant in Adelaide, regional Victoria is looking to attract skilled workers to fill the shortage of tradespeople in the local community.

The Committee for Portland and the Glenelg Shire Council attended a special job expo hosted by the Holden Job Transition Centre in Adelaide last week to showcase jobs in south-western Victoria.

Glenelg Shire Council CEO Greg Burgoyne says Portland-based transport company Porthaul, which was also represented at the expo, has offered 50 truck driving positions to redundant Holder workers.

“There were representatives from other companies as well but Porthaul had an urgent need, with 50 truck driver positions vacant,” Burgoyne tells ATN.

With over 1000 workers made redundant as a result of the Holden plant closure, efforts are being made to attract more workers to Portland.

“Apart from Porthaul’s driving jobs, there are many supply chain and logistics-related jobs on offer such as truck and trailer design, construction, repair, and maintenance, plus other engineering positions,” Burgoyne says.

“The local timber industry needs woodchip motor mechanics, MC drivers, excavators, auto electricians and other skilled tradespeople.

“Depending on the requirement of other companies from different sectors, there could be more jobs to fill.”

Over 10 timber companies from the Green Triangle Region were resprented at the job expo, along with the Mount Gambier City Council and Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast.

Burgoyne had earlier stated that many of the Holden workers “have been attracted by our affordable housing, great education, health facilities and transport connections to both Adelaide and Melbourne.

“One of our great selling points is the lifestyle factors – our great beaches, fishing, surfing, and sporting facilities.

“I personally think the best part of living in this part of the world is our friendly community which we did our best to showcase to the workers.” 

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