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Redstar toasts one year of independence

Time taken with refining operations and cutting costs, Dixon says


A year since Bunker Freight Lines was purchased and consolidated into Redstar Transport, the business has progressed steadily thanks to tight procedures, managing director John Dixon says.

Dixon, who together with former Silk Logistics CFO Sean Williams purchased Bunker, says the company has become more efficient because of cost cutting.

“We have refined what we have and cut our costs so it’s a more efficient business,” Dixon says.

“We’ve taken overall about seven per cent off our costs and we haven’t removed people, in fact we’ve added people.

“What we looked at was all of our processes – we eliminated the waste we had within the business and we’ve become more efficient in doing things,” he adds.

“We’ve also put a very big focus on utilisation of equipment so that we really sweat the assets more effectively.”

Focusing on service and compliance, the company has slashed costs by four-fold, he adds.

“We have the same customers and we’ve had lot inquiries from companies but I’m not about chasing business for revenue sake; I want to make a profit.

“Sure, our rates are expensive but our service is very good and I know that some people would not want to pay that in which case we don’t want to do business with them,” he says.

“What we’ve done is focused on empty running that we had within the business and found ways to eliminate most of it – it’s been a big win.”

Looking forward, he hopes to reinvest in the business through profits, saying it’s about utilising existing assets and letting his employees do their job.

“We’ll continue to tighten our procedures and gain some additional new business at profitable rates,” he adds.

Dixon spent more than three years within Silk as managing director, with Williams as cfo for five years.

The pair started operations of Redstar in August last year.

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