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RAAF contract highlights new Lencrow range

Lencrow adds Liftking heavy duty rough terrain forklifts to its range as it inks a deal with the RAAF

August 22, 2011

Lencrow adds Liftking heavy duty rough terrain forklifts to its range as it inks a deal with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

The leading forklift and materials handling equipment supplier
will deliver the RAAF with 12 air transportable five tone forklifts from the Liftking heavy duty range.

The first units to be designed for RAAF air operations, the Liftking units have very strict size and weight requirements, are all four wheel drive and steer and have the ability to work on any terrain and in water up to 1200mm deep.

Lencrow Managing Director Ross Grassick, who has just visited the Liftking factory in Toronto Canada, says Liftkings range of two to twenty five tone units are built for use in extreme conditions offering 500mm of ground clearance wide track and long wheel base making them almost unstoppable.

“I was impressed with Liftking’s ability to build units to suit customer’s requirements,” he says.

“Unlike many manufactures today that have one model for each class of unit which in many cases, is not the complete solution for the customer who has to make do.

“Liftking manufactures the complete unit so quality control is all in house with many units being tested for more than a day before delivery.”

According to Liftking International Sales Manager Mark Aldrovandi, Liftking isn’t interested in getting into the compact rough terrain market.

“We build the units tough as in our local environment the units have to work 60 percent of the time in 600mm of snow or the mud that comes after the snow,”
Aldrovandi explains.

“We use larger tyres to offer grip and options like 4 wheel steering to tailor make units for our customers needs. Our equipment is built to take everything that is thrown at them.”

Lencrow has been involved in the specialised all terrain forklift market since the early 1980’s in both hire and sales.

Grassick says this was an important factor for the RAAF as it not only requires the units, but also service backup and
training in both operation and maintenance.

The units are due to be delivered in the New Year.

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