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Queensland announces heavy duty battery electric truck trials

The Queensland government has voiced its support of the Volvo electric truck trials

Queensland’s state government is backing Volvo trials of two heavy battery-powered trucks 3-axle prime movers, operating at a gross weight of 44,000 kg.

The Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) says that the state government has voiced its support for the trials as Volvo continues to grow its electric truck presence in Queensland.

Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey says he’s excited to see Volvo bringing the latest zero-emission technology trucks to Queensland.

“We know reducing transport emissions will play a key role in achieving net zero emissions in Queensland by 2050 and this trial is an important step towards that,” he says.

“The introduction of battery electric heavy vehicles provides opportunities to also bring vehicles with the latest safety technology features and emissions performance to our shores.”

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Bailey says the Queensland government understands changes will be needed to steer-axle mass limits and truck width to match European battery-electric heavy vehicles standards.

“The information available from trials like this will help our engineers make sure mass and dimension issues with the take-up of battery electric heavy vehicles are managed in a sustainable way to benefit all Queenslanders,” Bailey says.

The vehicles will have the latest heavy vehicle safety features such as lane keeping assist, blind spot detection, passenger corner camera, dynamic steering with stability assist, under-run protection, collision warning with emergency braking and electronically controlled brake systems.

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