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Queensland announces extra funding to support drought stricken rural community

The small town of Mount Morgan in rural Queensland will continue to have access to water thanks to new funding from the state government.

The Queensland government has announced a special assistance package of $10.8 million to the Rockhampton Regional Council to help cover the cost of trucking drinking water from Gracemere to Mount Morgan.

The funding will help the council use truck runs to maintain the essential service until the pipeline from Gracemere to Mount Morgan is completed, expected in next year.

Since March 2021, Mount Morgan has been facing strict level six water restrictions and has been relying on water being carted from Gracemere. The council has been making about 20 water tanker deliveries a day to the Mount Morgan Treatment Plant, incurring costs of about AUD 5.7 million to date.

The new funding will help ensure that the Mount Morgan community continues to have access to drinking water as works progress towards a permanent water supply through the continued truck services into the area.

“The Queensland government is providing a Special Assistance Package of up to $10.8 million to council to cover the cost of water carting into next year, when the pipeline is expected to be completed,” deputy premier Steven Miles says.

Rockhampton Regional Council Mayor Tony Williams says the funding is a lifesaver.

“While we plan and build a new water pipeline from Gracemere to Mount Morgan, this new funding will help ensure we can continue to supply drinking water to the Mount Morgan community,” says Williams.

The funding will be available to the council over the 2022-23 and 2023-24 financial years.

Member for Rockhampton Barry O’Rourke says he welcomes the funding.

“The Mount Morgan community deserves secure access to water supply. This funding and the construction of the pipeline ensures that,” says O’Rourke.

The government hopes the funding, along with the construction of the pipeline, will provide a permanent solution to the region’s water security issues.

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