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Qube Bulk in ‘grey nomad’ road safety effort

Pilbara discussion with recreational travellers highlights safety message


Qube Bulk has undertaken a safety discussion effort with recreational travellers in the Pilbara.

With its fleet sharing the roads with a large number of retirees escaping southern winters to tour the warmer northern areas of the country, Qube’s bulk haulage services arm has sought to engender and understanding of the issues involved face-to-face.

“With so many caravans and motor homes on the road during this time of year, a good understanding between truck drivers and the ‘grey nomads’ is vital to road safety,” Qube Bulk regional manager Adam Brough says. 

Qube Bulk’s Pilbara transport team recently visited an overflow campsite in Port Hedland to meet and discuss road safety awareness with travelling visitors.

With more than 55 travellers in attendance, Qube provided an overview of the advanced in-truck safety systems that ensure the safety of Qube drivers and other road users. 

Three prime movers were on location to enable people to sit in the driver’s seat and experience the systems first hand.

Attendees were provided with information on road train passing techniques, both for overtaking and when being overtaken, as well as UHF radio techniques, channel selection and communication protocols.

There was also discussion around the realities of road train stopping requirements and the fact it can take over 100m for a full loaded truck, weighing more than 92 tonnes, to come to a complete stop when travelling at 70km/h.

 “These types of sessions help build positive relationships,” Brough says.

“It’s not an ‘us and ‘them’ thing … we’re all on the road together and the more we respect and understand each other, the safer it is for all road users.”

Qube says feedback from attendees on the days was “extremely positive” and it plans to conduct these safety sessions with travellers annually.

The Western Australia Road Transport Association (WARTA) recognises the value of this work while calling for a wider approach.

“WARTA welcomes Qube’s initiative in conducting the program,” executive officer Cam Dumesny tells ATN.

“It however highlights the need for government and industry to develop a more comprehensive program that can be implemented each year, rather than rely on the goodwill and initiatives of individual companies.”

The event was reported on by local news outlet the North West Telegraph and its report picked up by traveller website, where reader forum commentary was supportive and the importance of effective and respectful communications with truck drivers emphasised.

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