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Quantron announces new CEO

Quantron has turned to one of its founders to further develop its business model in 2024 and beyond

Quantron AG has announced that founder Andreas Haller has taken over the role of CEO from Michael Perschke as of January 1 

Perschke resigns after two and a half years as Quantron’s CEO but will remain associated with the company as a shareholder. 

Perschke will now become a managing director at ROQIT, an IT and mobility company and joint venture between Quantron and Indian company Goldstone Technologies. 

Quantron says that with ROQIT, Perschke will help shape the development of a digital platform for sustainable transportation with hydrogen and fuel cell technology. 

Quantron says the digital platform provides the softwarebased foundation for its innovative Quantron-as-a-Service business model. It says the model offers customers climatefriendly transportation in a risk-free pay-per-use model. 

Achievements reached during Perschke’s time as CEO include the successful conclusion of the A round and the internationalisation and development of Quantron into an OEM with international production sites. 

This decision will not result in any changes for our customers, partners or stakeholders; business will continue as before,” Haller says. 

“I look forward to being more active in the management again and establishing Quantron as a tech champion in a rapidly developing market for zero-emissions transportation solutions.” 

Haller says that Quantron wants to ring in 2024 under the motto ‘Time to Deliver’ as it delivers its fuel cell trucks onto roads and into customer hands. 

“We are proud to be one of the first companies in the world to offer a zero-emissions truck as a series product in the heavy-duty class,” Haller says. 

“I would like to thank Perschke for his work andthe important impetus he has providedI look forward to working with him in his new role.” 

Perschke says that after initially joining Quantron as an investor, his time as CEO has been extremely dynamic. 

“The task of building a global player in the MobilityasaService (MaaS) sector with ROQIT is very exciting for me as an entrepreneur and I look forward to implementing this with partners and investors such as Quantron AG and Goldstone Technologies,” Perschke says.

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