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Qld implements heavy vehicle exemption notice

The measure applies to oversized agricultural vehicles travelling on regional roads


The Queensland government has signalled the start of the heavy vehicle exemption notice initiative following an 18-month trial.

Developed in association with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), state police and the transport industry, the project aims to deliver productivity gains by ensuring safe movement of oversized agricultural vehicles on regional roads.

The measure, which came into effect yesterday, will make it easier for large vehicles that are up to four metres in width to move on roads in the coastal areas north of Gympie, Queensland transport minister Stirling Hinchliffe says.

“As always, safety is our number one priority, so these vehicles will be restricted to daytime travel only and need to meet new conditions including the use of a pilot vehicle and portable signs to warn other road users in advance if they travel on roads like the Bruce Highway.

“This measure strikes the right balance slashing red tape to help the industry move more efficiently, but it doesn’t compromise motorist safety.”

Hinchliffe reminds motorists, particularly those from urban areas and tourists, to be mindful of the new signs.

“It’s essential for all motorists to look out for these warning signs and pilot vehicles when driving in regional Queensland, particularly between Gympie and Cairns.

“These vehicles won’t be making long journeys, so motorists are reminded to stay safe and be patient.”

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto says Queensland farmers will be able to save time and money through the reduction in paperwork and the ability to move the right vehicles at the right times as a result of this initiative.

“What a national notice like this does is enable local productivity and economic growth while maintaining high levels of safety,” Petroccitto says.

“At the NHVR we want to enable businesses in sectors like agriculture to spend less on administrative costs related to the movement of freight and vehicles and more time making profit.”

Agriculture minister Leanne Donaldson welcomes the new exemption notice under the heavy vehicle national law.

“The flexible arrangements for moving oversized vehicles on all roads in zone one between Gympie and Cairns will benefit our state’s agriculture sector,” Donaldson says.

“This is a great outcome for local industry because removing this administrative burden will lift productivity and enable the agriculture sector to save money and time.”

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