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Pure battery electric truck operational in Melbourne

WM Waste Management Services puts SEA Electric-propelled vehicle to work


Australian electric truck operations are a reality in Melbourne suburbs, WM Waste Management Services has revealed.

effort sees WM using a SuperiorPak-bodied, SEA Electric propelled, Iveco ACCO-based hard-waste trucks to collect hard rubbish in the City of Casey in Melbourne’s south-east.

Eight months after the initiative was flagged, WM Waste Management Services MD Mark Jeffs hails the new trucks were the first of their kind to be designed and manufactured in Australia making them a triple win for the economy, the environment and the ratepayer.

Read how the SEA/WM electric waste truck initiative first broke cover, here

“Obviously electric trucks are a key demonstration of our support for renewable energy as they significantly reduce our environmental footprint and improve the sustainability of residential hard waste collection.

“But the equal winners here are ratepayers in Casey as the trucks will leave them with cleaner air; they are much quieter than diesel or petrol vehicles and they will reduce annual fuel and running costs as they are require less maintenance and last longer than normal trucks.

“It might mean a few extra minutes of shut-eye for residents who are usually woken by the roar of a rubbish truck doing its rounds.

“I am proud to bring electric trucks to the streets of Melbourne and I congratulate the City of Casey on this significant commitment.”

The company says the move towards electric vehicles is “part of a shift towards further sustainability commitments by WM and cements their reputation as an industry leader. The company was also the first hard waste business to use hybrid (diesel/electric) trucks in 2008. “

City of Casey mayor Amanda Stapledon sees it as “a terrific breakthrough in technology that will mean locals have a more sustainable hard waste collection with less noise, making their streets more liveable”.


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