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Public survey gives truckies safety tick

The NatRoad study shows driver awareness around trucks is a key pillar of education

A new survey from a national survey conducted by independent consultants StollzNow Research says many Australian motorists feel safe around truck drivers.

The research conducted for the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) says around 81 per cent of Australians view truck drivers as considerate around other road users.

The data says only four-in-ten respondents can recall an incident in the past month that involved a truckie driving poorly, with many people saying truckies drive well around other road users.

The StollzNow Research used an online panel of 1000 people aged 18 and above for the national study.

NatRoad says the research showed surprising outcomes but an overwhelming support for driver education and licence testing as a primary focus when it comes to truck awareness.

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NatRoad Chairman Scott Davidson says 96 per cent of Australian drivers feel they drive well around trucks, but the number drops to 48 per cent when they drive around other people.

“Awareness and good behaviour on the road by Australians towards trucks is well understood – if not always practised,” Davidson says.

“Some 89 per cent say they know that trucks may not be able to see their car and 85 per cent know to make sure there is room for a truck to stop safely before changing into its lane.

“While that’s heartening, the research overwhelmingly supports the push for better motorist education.”

The NatRoad-led study says around 92 per cent of Australians view truck awareness as a mandatory part of driver education and licence testing.

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