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Protesters shut down Port of Brisbane motorway

BREAKING – Freight & Trade Alliance says there are major traffic delays for vehicles heading into the Port of Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle this morning due to protests

Traffic in and around the Port of Brisbane is wreaking havoc for operators due to protesters shutting down a major motorway leading into the port.

The latest updates from the Brisbane Times say a protester has been arrested for causing significant delays by blocking both directions of the motorway.

A woman livestreamed to social media her actions from a pole above the Port of Brisbane Motorway as part of a protest from national movement Blockade Australia.

The FTA also released after that a coordinated movement has resulted in the Ports of Newcastle and Melbourne being impacted by the protests.

“Blockade Australia said in a statement the protests were part of a “coordinated mobilisation in response to Australia’s facilitation of the climate and ecological crisis and its active blocking of impactful action towards a safe climate”,” FTA head of international freight and logistics Tom Jensen says.

“Latest reports suggest the protesters have now been cleared and operations have resumed with delays clearing at all three ports.”

Previous protests under this movement also resulted in the Port of Melbourne and the Newcastle Coal Port being blocked.

The activist blocked traffic between Tanker and Export streets, with the motorway now being cleared. Delays are still expected for some time according to the Brisbane Times.

“The Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) would like to advise that there are major traffic delays leading into the Port of Brisbane,” Jensen says.

“Activists have shut down the busy Brisbane motorway accessing the port, causing massive delays with the Port of Brisbane Motorway blocked just before the Tanker Street exit inbound.”

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