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Protesters shut down Australian ports for second day running

For the second straight day, ports across the east coast are in disarray due to coordinated protests

For the second consecutive day, protesters in a coordinated movement have brought traffic around major Australian ports to a halt.

Yesterday, a protester on the Port of Brisbane Motorway caused traffic to come to a standstill, while similar actions were tried in Melbourne and Newcastle.

This morning, the Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) says Blockade Australia is once again impacting freight movements this morning in both Brisbane and Melbourne.

It started at the Port of Brisbane yet again, where climate protestors shut down traffic this morning.

“We’d like to advise that access to the Port of Brisbane is again blocked at present as climate protestors have shut down the busy Port of Brisbane Motorway accessing the port for the second day running,” FTA Head of International Freight and Logistics Tom Jensen says.

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“The protest is expected to cause significant delays and police are present at the scene.”

Later this morning, the FTA reached out again, saying a similar action has now caused major delays at the Port of Melbourne for the second day running.

“Further to last reports of protesters impeding access to the Port of Brisbane, protesters are also currently blocking access to the Port of Melbourne,” Jensen says.

“For the second day in a row, Blockade Australia has simultaneously blocked operations of ports across the east coast, with police present at both scenes.”

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