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Protecting a business and supporting a family

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Castrol RX Super has protected Australian livelihoods for over 35 years.

This year, inspired by a customer’s engine which ran for over 2.5 million kilometres, solely serviced using Castrol RX Super, we’re telling the stories of the people that have made the brand the choice of protection for truck drivers, fleet owners and farmers alike.

The final RX Super chapter for 2017 takes us to Mt Waverley in Victoria and the fleet operation of Navarone Transport.

Navarone Transport

Con Ikonomopoulos is the Founder and Director of Navarone Transport based in Mt Waverley, Victoria.

Starting off his trucking business with an 8 tonne 1982 Isuzu tray truck in the early 90s, Con has grown his fleet operation into 8 Prime Movers comprising of Kenworths, Western Stars and Freightliners.

Specialising in moving multidimensional loads, Navarone Transport have specialised trailers and low loaders equipped to handle a variety of heavy and unique oversized objects.

Con can safely say he went out on his own with Navarone Transport in 1995. The business name  is a nod to his Greek heritage where his parents hailed from the Greek Island.

A Passion for Cars and Body Building

Con always liked a challenge in life and that’s what made building his own business such a satisfying endeavour.

A passion of his has been in the amateur bodybuilding circuit. Competing under the National Amateur Body Builders’ Association (NABBA) in the late 90s, Con developed a love for the sport.

His other passion is his car. Con’s latest car is his 1970 Black Chevelle SS. Imported from America 7 years ago, it is his pride and joy and it has never seen rain.

He has showed it off at local car shows and his kids love cruising it in, whether to the marina at Port Melbourne or across town.

Con on strong relationships and trusted service for his growing business:

“Since I started Navarone Transport, some 20 years ago, my trucks have always been on Castrol RX Super. The drum has changed throughout the years but I know what I get when I see the name.

“Since day one of using it, I haven’t had a problem and I make sure I don’t service my trucks with anything else.

“When I first started my business I needed the reliability and assurance my trucks were being protected and would perform. Castrol products gave me that peace of mind.

“For the last 7 years as my fleet started growing I have taken my trucks to be serviced at Truckline Hallam.

“I have known Casey from Truckline for over 20 years in the transport industry and Ian and Steve have provided me with fantastic service and support, on time with no problems.

“Across my fleet, my trucks have clocked up an average 1.6–1.8 million kms and I have them serviced every 10,000 – 12,000kms, only with Castrol RX Super.”

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