Singapore looks to autonomous progress with AIDrivers

Two retrofitted prime movers are testing AI on container haulage

Singapore looks to autonomous progress with AIDrivers
Dr Rafiq Swash


Technology from autonomous driving firm AIDrivers is being used by Singapore container port operator PSA Singapore to test two prime movers in the island state.

AIDrivers, which focuses on artificial intelligence in transport, notes that it was awarded an autonomous prime movers (APM) proof of concept project in October 2018 by PSA Singapore.

"The goal is to retrofit Ai enabled autonomous solutions for horizontal mobility automation at PSA’s Pasir Panjang Terminal," the British firm says.

"Two diesel trucks have been converted to fully autonomous vehicles using AIDrivers’ AI-enabled autonomous drive platform and have been running on trials since 2019.

"The APM capabilities cover the aptitude to work in day and night conditions with different loading configurations and mixed traffic environments. The multi sensor technology is designed to work in busy port situations ensuring safety and precision.

"AiDrivers has been developing and using true 3D Digital twin for like-2-like autonomous mobility automation to carry out complex test cases in a simulated environment prior to testing them in the real environment.

"Data logging and AV data visualiser were also introduced in this phase."

Singapore has sought to bolster port and container-handling through advanced technology over time

In 2017, it announced Scania and Toyota would conduct the first full-scale autonomous truck platooning operations in Singapore, in a three-year pilot project. 

Read about the Singapore truck platooning trial, here

According to the company, its proprietary technology combines radar, LiDAR and cameras and is retrofitted to existing truck fleets rendering them fully autonomous.

Aidrivers technology has two cornerstone solutions: the Autonomous Intelligent Operating System (AIOS) and the Autonomous Intelligent Fleet Operator (AIFO).

AIOS is equipped with precision 3D mapping and localisation to navigate in mixed traffic within dynamic port environments.

The operating system combines 3D perception with situation awareness to enable autonomous driving.

AIFO provides the operator with a live visualisation platform and predictive mobility analytics for intelligent path planning to facilitate in-time operations and energy efficient vehicle scheduling.

The news comes hot on the heels of AIDrivers linking with US electric heavy vehicle upstart Hyzon Motors to jointly produce autonomous hydrogen powered trucks to provide green tech for ports.

"This is a game-changing combination for us to partner with Hyzon Motors and reshapes the future of automation. Autonomous mobility needs this acceleration to shift the technology into the next phase of development," AIDrivers CEO and founder Dr Rafiq Swash said in January of the deal.

"This will quicken efficiency gains and will create a sustainable future for autonomous vehicles.

"We are excited to be working with Hyzon, an established and pioneering group in global zero-emission mobility, a world leader in fuel-cell technology and already a supplier of hydrogen-powered trucks to ports. "

Building on the container-ports theme, AIDrivers is also looking to make inroads on automated crane operations.


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