New local Triton anticipated for 2022 release

By: Tom Fraser

Mitsubishi outlines plans in mid-term business roadmap

New local Triton anticipated for 2022 release
The popular Triton is set for an upgrade


Mitsubishi has confirmed as part of a mid-term business roadmap that the next-generation of its popular Triton one-tonne ute is finally on the way.

It's just one of the key announcements unveiled in the Japanese maker's business plan this week, which details how it plans to pull itself out of a Covid-19 sales nosedive.

The ‘Small but Beautiful’ plan also previews Mitsubishi paring-back its worldwide assault by halting the flow of new models to Europe, while re-investing its focus on its core market of the Asia Pacific region.

And while we lament the loss of the Pajero 4WD hero that has graced Australian roads for decades, Mitsubishi has announced that we can expect a new Triton in 2022.

It seems the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance will finally start playing nicely with one another in order for Nissan and Mitsubishi to collaboratively develop the next-generation ute, which both brands insist will look different.

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The Alliance first announced a leader-follower style business plan earlier this year in which one brand would become the ‘leader’ of each segment, while fellow Alliance brands ‘follow’ on the same platform and design.

Mitsubishi is understood to be the ‘leader’ brand in the light commercial vehicle segment with development of the sixth-generation Triton already well-underway. Nissan is already falling into place as the SUV specialist and Renault is positioned to carry the passenger model mantle.

But while the Triton-based models may have unique external designs, it’s unlikely we’ll see much difference internally. Both brands are expected to share the same drivetrain options, suspension set-ups and steering.

Further ahead, Mitsubishi’s future will also bring the introduction of a new-generation Pajero Sport which should come some time in 2023.

It’s clear that Mitsubishi sees a way forward through consolidating its line-up and reducing its costs by some 20 percent since last financial year.

"We will shift our strategy from all-round expansion to selection and concentration," Mitsubishi Motors Corporation chief executive officer Takao Kato says.

"First of all, we will complete our structural reforms and further strengthen our competitive areas—ultimately to build a corporate structure that can surely generate profits during this mid-term period."

If nothing else, Mitsubishi’s renewed focus to "provide our reliability through 4WD and off-road performance" and invest in its SUV-heavy local line-up should see it in a better place going forward.


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